I’ve been using Clubhouse for nearly one week and while there are a lot of aspects I love, there are some really ugly aspects you should be aware of. Mostly, there are a lot of fake people so be careful.

Also in this show, I address a few listeners who need a lesson on how to pitch podcasts, shows, and get press for themselves. I’d guess right now they’re turning off journalists.


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Fake people on Clubhouse Selling “Courses”

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I’ve been using Clubhouse for nearly one week now and there is a lot to love about the platform, but there’s also a dark side. Like any other social network, there are a lot of fake influencers, and many of them are selling online courses promising to help you succeed on the platform. Buyer beware.

I actually purchased an iPad, just to get on the platform because Android isn’t supported. There are a lot of peculiar habits, like decoy participants that inflate room numbers, and moderators who truly struggle to guide and moderate conversation.



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How to Be A Better Clubhouse Moderator

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Because I did live call-in radio for 3 years (interviews with Tulsi Gabbard, Andrew Yang, Adam Savage, Mike Rowe, and others) I had to learn how to guide and control the conversation. My PD noticed my callers would keep rambling, sometimes for 2 minutes or more, and I wouldn’t cut them off, making the show boring. This can be especially dicey if you have to take breaks for live news breaks to the second.

I learned to pivot conversations and help people get to the point, doing so in a polite fashion that treated them with respect.


How To Pitch Without Looking Like An Ass

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Also in this show, I address a few listeners who tried to pitch their products in the form of a question to my guest next month. It’s important to be honest about your motivations and be clear when pitching otherwise you’ll look like an ass to journalists.

So, how do you do this right? I explain it in simple terms.




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