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September is national suicide awareness month, and one major cause of suicide is PTSD. Did you know eleven million Americans are struggling with PTSD right now? The darkness is very real, and the condition is doing real damage to the body, not just the mind. Dan Jarvis, President of 22Zero decided to crush the problem after his own struggle.

In this interview, Dan Jarvis discusses why 60% of veterans aren’t completing the VA’s programs designed to help those with PTSD. He explains how prevalent this issue is, not just in the military but also with first responders and others. We dig into what causes the problem, how it feels and why people get “stuck” in fight or flight.

The statistics are troubling on suicide and PTSD. It’s a lonely struggle and currently, we’ve lost more soldiers at home to suicide than on the battlefield. That’s unfathomable.

A Proven Method To End PTSD

Jarvis explains those suffering from PTSD can change their neural pathways, reversing the damage done by PTSD. In traditional exposure therapy methods, a person has to focus on the event that caused their PTSD, but Jarvis explains their approach doesn’t require anyone to tell their story at all.

Using the Tactical Resiliency Process (TRP) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP) developed by 22Zero, early results show a 98.4% success rate in helping people recover. Currently, 22Zero has 75 coaches in 12 states. Any soldiers or first responders struggling with PTSD are encouraged to email [email protected]. Services are free.


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The Healing the Heroes Documentary won the 2021 NY Film Festival for best feature documentary. 


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