Many of us have experienced anxiety as it relates to Zoom or Google Meet calls. We stage the room, and prepare ourselves, but we all wonder if we are being perceived well through the lens. Charles Hua, CEO of Poised invented a real-time AI coach to help you.

Using your computer’s microphone, Poised analyzes vocal stress and speech patterns, presenting improvements in a real-time heads-up display. It analyzes, how fast you’re speaking if you’re using filler words, if your confidence needs a boost, and even clarity, empathy and energy.


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Why Use AI coaching for virtual meetings?

Screenshot of Poised in action
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As a radio guy and podcaster, it took me months to get comfortable behind a microphone and years to perfect that skill. That’s despite the fact presentation and communication is a natural skill for me. One trick I used to polish my podcasts and live radio presentation skill is that I would listen to¬†every second of the show when I was done, making notes on what needed to change. You can actually hear the difference if you listen to my first podcasts. (It’s embarrassing)

Tragically, some of my older shows aren’t super great, because I learned presentation lessons after the fact. But what if I would have had Poised five years ago? Would there have been a shorter learning curve? I’ll never know, but you can try it right now.


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