80-hour workdays, sacrificing time with the family, and focusing only on work activities off the clock? It’s not going to end well for you, explains Dr. Andrea Mata of the Bright Spot Podcast, and Bright Spot Families. Research shows aligning your work patterns to your circadian rhythm, resting, making time for family, and capping your work hours at 55 hours per week, makes you more productive each week. Not less.

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Dr. Andrea Mata & The Bright Spot Podcast

Andrea Mata, PhD is the founder of Bright Spot Families and host of the Bright Spot Podcast. She holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Child Psychology from Kent State University. Mata is a gifted keynote speaker and works with families and entrepreneurs to make positive life choices.


Dr. Mata’s 10 core values to live a value-based life

There’s more to life than just your career, but we often get confused and lose sight of our priorities. Some entrepreneurs convince themself they must sacrifice their values, to achieve goals. For example, they forgo time with family and make sacrifices at the office, so they can ensure high quality of life. A high quality of life, where they can spend more time with family.

Instead, they can live their values right now. Dr. Mata explained we should think about ten core values, and write down which we perceive as the most important. Then, compare it to how you spend your time, do they match?

  1. Parenting
  2. Personal growth
  3. Leisure or recreation
  4. Spirituality / Religion
  5. Physical and mental health
  6. Community involvement
  7. Work and Career
  8. Family relationships
  9. Intimate relationships
  10. Social relationships


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