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Today is a special episode. Matt McFarland is a respected journalist with The Washington Post and most recently CNN discusses how to get press and pitch the right way, and media relevance in the 21st century. Has the media gone too hard on polarizing and political topics has that hurt them?



Matt McFarland Interview overview

McFarland also discusses the value of content strategy not just for sales but attracting media attention. In the same way, prospects are opening less pitch email, journalists are also ignoring pitches in favor of self-created content.

We also dig into AI-writing. Representing both the writing and tech communities, does McFarland see this as a force that will replace writers like himself or a force that will give writers like himself a valuable edge?


Land of the Freeway

Land of the Freeway comes out on all podcast players soon. Stay tuned and we will update links here soon…


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