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Jason Feifer, Editor in Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine is back to discuss his new book, Build for Tomorrow. He makes a great case on why laser focus on your career path might be… bad. We also discuss why being in the top 1% of pod downloads isn’t that great, and he calls out a phony pitch he got from a dude that had a fake TV show! Why do people lie so much?

How you can build for tomorrow

Feifer’s brain is packed with stories about misplaced public freakouts like recorded music and automobiles. Our history is full of hasty and negative reactions to changes that, in reality, could have been positive for those resisting change. Narrow-minded thinking hurts countries, companies and, most importantly, you! Feifer leverages this knowledge so you can build for tomorrow and have a better career.

Build for Tomorrow, by Jason Feifer
Build for Tomorrow, by Jason Feifer

If you’re honest with yourself, you may believe there is one or maybe two ideal career paths for you. But that’s wrong. “There is no one singular path, and there is no way to stay on that path anyway,” Feifer told me. The zigs and zags in life are incredible resources to help you build for tomorrow. Success looks like a zig-zag path of chaos, not a straight and organized line.


Focus vs. Goal Setting

Feifer recounts a story of a young student who told him he wanted to work at Entertainment Weekly. “Put that path out of your head,” Feifer told the student. He explained by being too focused on that specific goal, he might be setting himself up to ignore better opportunities.

Goals aren’t bad, obviously, but only if we keep the blinder off. “It’s good to have a goal, it’s good to have something to move towards, but you should also be very ready to abandon that goal in the service of something that comes along that is more compelling.”


What is Jason building?

When Feifer wrote his first book with his wife, his friend’s reactions were what you’d expect. They thought it was cool, But entrepreneurs had a different way of looking at it, they asked what Feifer’s goal for writing a book was. They were focused on how he would use it to build for tomorrow. So, that’s the question I asked him: What is this book helping him build for? He told me there is something exciting on his horizon. But what could that be?


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