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What does the hybrid office look like as we come out of the pandemic? You will probably love it, explains Reid Hiatt, CEO of Tactic. He believes the office is following the same path successful retailers took in building experiences for employees.

We discuss how hybrid work actually saved the open workplace that most people hated, why massive corporate offices may be on their way out, and how hybrid work will actually make the office… dare I say… FUN?




What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work represents the vast spectrum of work between fully remote, and fully in-office. Hiatt explains that remote and in-office both have challenges and negatives, but hybrid allows for a customizable blend. Hiatt says their clients all have various hybrid models- all designed around the unique needs and requirements of their own workforces.


How The Physical Workspace Is Changing

Many companies using Tactic are planning on shrinking their overall real estate footprint due to lessening reliance on the physical space. He guesses the future worker will likely do heads-down work at home, and come to the workplace to connect, collaborate and solve difficult problems.

In a fascinating turn of events, the open offices that employees hated pre-pandemic due to the distraction factor, may not be the thing that attracts them back to the office.


Connect with Reid Hiatt and Tactic

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