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Update 5/24/22: Today, Circles announced they have raised a 16.5M Series A! Congratulations to Irad Eichler and the team!

Life changes -both positive and negative- can be a lot to handle. Whether you’re riding the excitement and chaos of being new parent or drudging through the darkness of losing a loved one, speaking to others who are going through something similar is healing, especially when done in a safe space with licensed therapists. Finding these groups can be hard, but Irad Eichler, founder of Circles, created the solution.



Why Circles was founded

Irad Eichler got the idea during his mother’s fight with cancer. Even though he was supportive, he noticed the brightest moments for her came from her discussions with those who shared her life path. He wanted to give that relief to people all around the world through Circles.

Today, Eichler sees many people on various paths using the service: anyone from parents, immigrants, and caregivers of people with special needs. Since people going through various life experiences don’t necessarily know how to plug in, Circles technology can help.

The technology assists in facilitating groups sized from six to eight people, and there is a trained human facilitator so individuals can have confidence they are entering a safe environment.


Therapist Shortage

Because there’s a therapist shortage, group therapy is actually a great option lately, allowing therapists to help more people at the same time. It’s also great for patients to connect with others in similar life scenarios. People can share in their suffering, plug in and have a sense of belonging. Group therapy of this nature can ease feelings of loneliness. Eichler explained this feeling of loneliness is especially challenging during the holidays.


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