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Former Secret Service Officer Jose Vargas is a force of nature. His life started in poverty and difficulty, but his mom set a goal for him and his family: to escape an abusive environment and set her children up for success. Little did she know her son would go on to protect the leader of the free world.

Vargas discusses unique experiences, walking the White House halls and washing hands next to the President of the United States, his “no fail” mission to keep our officials safe, and the lessons you can learn. Vargas explains the common mistakes people make when setting goals. His perspective will reset you and focus you on your goals.

Jose Vargas, Author of The LeadThrough Method

If there’s anyone qualified to talk about anyone’s ability to achieve their dreams, it’s Jose Vargas. His trip from poverty to the highest levels in the US Government was no mistake. He is crystal clear in this interview that those who make intentional efforts eventually drift downstream over the rapids. If you want to achieve goals, it’s not enough to set those goals and write them down. It’s a matter of mapping out steps to achieve those goals.The LeadThrough Method by Jose Vargas

Vargas explains why daily holding yourself accountable and paying the price to hit your goals is the only way to achieve them. He tackles the pervasive myth that God will give you a sign, or your friends will tell you what to do, or your parents. You need to take control and set those goals, no one and nothing will give you that.


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