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Listeners loved my previous Chris Hogan interview (listen here). The best-selling author of Everyday Millionaires gained national notoriety as a Ramsey Personality and best-selling author. Some even wondered if he was next in line to take over Ramsey Solutions. But then he simply vanished from the airwaves. His show was removed, and his social media profiles were erased. What happened? I asked.

Hogan’s book challenged the common belief millionaires are an elite class. His data showed Americans, surprisingly, most millionaires are self-made and not trust-fund babies. In the largest study of millionaires to date, Hogan showed unequivocally: anyone can be a millionaire.



What happened to Chris Hogan?

Chris Hogan and Ramsey Solutions parted ways in March of 2021. Details of the separation have not been shared by Hogan or Ramsey Solutions outside of a short video from Hogan saying his actions didn’t align with the Ramsey brand. It’s easy to find rumors online, but outside of audio from Dave Ramsey confirming accusations had been made to a prominent employee, neither party has confirmed anything.

Because many were asking what happened to Chris Hogan, his “I’m back” message was exciting for fans. In early March, Hogan posted an “I’m back” message with video on LinkedIn, agreeing to come back on my show. During our discussion,  Hogan told me how his new brand will vary a bit from his message and role at Ramsey. Instead of focusing on retirement and finance, his new brand will be more focused on personal lessons and individual performance.

We discuss how leaders become control freaks, why it’s damaging for employees, and how to get through life’s “stuff.” We touch on inflation, rising interest rates, and why Hogan believes these will calm back down in the near future.

For Chris Hogan fans, you can expect leadership and personal development courses coming to his website in the near future.

Visit his new digital home here.»



Other Ramsey personalities that left

Hogan’s departure seemed to impact the departure of other Ramsey Personalities. Other well-known show hosts, Anthony O’Neal and Christy Wright also left the company within 10 months, after working at Ramsay for 12 and 6 years respectfully. Pedro LaTorre was hired to replace EntreLeadership Podcast host Alex Judd, but also departed months after he started at the company. It’s important to point out both Wright and O’Neal had positive things to say about the company upon their departure.


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