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It’s undeniable Howard Schultz, the creator of Starbucks, not only made one of the most iconic and loved brands in the world, but he literally defined the culture we live in and invented the very concept of the American coffee shop. Much of his success, however, is because of “heart” decisions that, to investors are terrifying.

From the Ground UpEveryone knows Starbucks is legendary in its efforts to make the world a better place. Their benefits for employees, health insurance for part-time employees, college tuition, stock options, and retirement benefits are legendary. There is no denying Starbucks employees are treated extremely well.

Starbucks is also a great global citizen, donating millions on top of millions of dollars to charities, leading the industry in treating coffee farmers fairly, and providing clean water to kids across the globe with their Ethos water project. But how does he convince his shareholders on “heart” ideas?

It’s not easy. He breaks down his process and explains why business plans are necessary even for big heart ideas. Oh, and he also answers the most critical question we all have. Is Chemex better than a French Press?

Schultz has just released his 3rd book, From the Ground Up, A Journey To Reimagine The Promise of America. Buy From the Ground Up.

How Howard Schultz Leads With Heart

Read my full article on Howard Schultz and how he leads with heart. I break down key parts of my interview with him. It was a densely packed interview and I unpack the core ideas. Make sure you listen to the full interview as well.  Read >

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