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Politics and ego often trump profitable outcomes. #2 on the Thinkers 50 list, Rita McGrath has seen this play out in real time and explains how leaders miss the opportunity to evolve, losing to previously insignificant competition.

Seeing Around Corners, by Rita McGrath
Seeing Around Corners, by Rita McGrath

Rita McGrath, Author of Seeing Around Corners

McGrath is a professor at Columbia Business School and the best-selling author of many books, including Seeing Around Corners. She explains how organizations large and small can see inflection points in advance by identifying weak signals within their organization.

One major theme she discusses is how well executives, intentionally or not, insulate themselves from the front lines of their organization. Behind every organizational failure was a leader who saw the weak signals, and refused to act.

McGrath also discusses the role of clear facts in future decision-making and why waiting for the data is a fatal choice.

If you’re at risk of being disrupted or are seeing customers slowly leave you for other solutions, THIS episode is your weak signal of a coming inflection point. You should probably listen before it’s too late.

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