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Who is Mario Nawfal?

If you’re on X (fka Twitter) you know the name Mario Nawfal. Nawfal hosts the largest spaces on X and his guests include Elon Musk, Michael Bay, Mark Cuban, Andrew Yang, and many others. For those that don’t know “Spaces” are an audio component of X—a blend between a podcast and conference call. After taking a break from interviews, he shares his thoughts on the future of X, CEO Linda Yaccarino, his new show Killer Whales, and an NBC media hit piece about him.

Nawfal got his start creating a blender company, Froothie. He says the growth of the company surprised him. Today he’s the Founder of IBC Group, host of The Roundtable Show, and the King of X Spaces. (follow him @MarioNawfal.) He explains how his platform caught on, his secret sauce, and why other tech founders and startups should be doubling down on X.

When asked about his secret sauce on hosting the largest Spaces on the platform, he explained how he leverages the X algorithm to build momentum. The growth wasn’t instant however and came at great personal cost. Nawfal says he monitors alerts, waking up in the middle of the night to host space for breaking news. He regularly hosted Spaces for 24 hours without rest at times.

We also discuss his personal life, background, and the state of citizen journalism and corporate journalism. Plus, he shares his frustration at the attacks against himself, but also constant attacks against X and owner Elon Musk.


Notable X Moments

Not only has Nawfal hosted some of the hottest guests on X Spaces, but his spaces also broke news on the US Debt Ceiling agreement and the Russia Wagner Group coup attempt. He amassed more listeners during the Ron DeSantis Presidential announcement, than the official announcement itself, hosted by Musk, and co-hosted by David Sacks, of The All In Podcast.

The rise to the top of X has come at the cost. After Musk’s praise of Nawfal’s spaces, his profile caught the attention of a vocal critic of Musk at NBC News. The piece painted Nawfal and his association to Musk in a negative light with accusations, some of which were later corrected. Nawfal directly addressed the piece, refuting the claims.


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