Emerging Tech PR Communications

The best companies never win, only superior communication strategies do. Cultivate amplifies the best ideas, reaching millions of people utilizing a focused approach to emerging tech PR communications.

As a founder, CEO, or CMO, your prospects will find you within their sphere of influence, publications they read, through web searches and/or media interviews. Not ads. Your team will find clarity of communication and be able to tell your story with confidence.

The Process

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Step 1: Cultivate

We cultivate dozens to thousands of opportunities to tell your story and draw attention to your brand. Our emerging tech PR communications process unlocks the creative potential of employees by digging deep and asking tough questions you may not have considered.

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Step 2: Amplify

Cultivate clarifies your messaging, builds your communication foundation, and amplifies your stories to your targets. Tools can include media interviews, event planning, keynote opportunities, strategic relationships, high-converting web pages or content strategy, social media conversions, podcasts, or video opportunities.

Expected Timeline

To determine if your company is a fit for our emerging tech PR communications process we start with a 30-minute phone call (no cost) to determine fit. After the first call, you will know if our process will work for you, what deliverables you should be focused on, a general timeline, and a budget range.

If we are a great fit for each other, here’s what happens next:

Chart showing a timeline of how cultivate works with emerging tech PR communications clients

Detailed breakdown

  • Day 1: Meet with your leadership team on a full-day onboarding workshop to develop a plan.
  • Day 2: Research, digging, reporting, and follow-up questions.
  • Day 7: Top-level plan to meet deliverables are presented to leadership.
  • Day 30: Virtual check-ins with your leadership team and strategic staff will begin on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Month 3: Traction is visible and opportunities begin to develop. Some early wins happen.
  • Month 6: Early deliverables are achieved, and results celebrated.
  • 1 Year: All deliverables are complete, we learn from success & failures (yes, failure is a part of the process) and year 2 deliverable discussions begin.

Get Started

10 Day Press Guide

Email [email protected] to ask me questions or get my free 10-day press guide below. The guide is free and might get your pretty far on your own!


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