Emerging Tech PR Communications

The best companies never win, only those with superior communication strategies. Cultivate amplifies the best ideas and companies, reaching millions of people via emerging tech PR communications.

As a founder, CEO, or CMO, your prospects will find you within their sphere of influence, publications they read, media they consume, through web searches and/or media interviews. Your customer’s first interaction with your company will be as an authoritative resource.

We also provide clarity of communication to your entire team and give them the tools to tell your story with confidence.

The Process

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Step 1: Cultivate

We cultivate dozens to thousands of opportunities to tell your story organically and draw attention to your brand. Our emerging tech PR communications process unlocks the creative potential of employees by digging deep and asking tough questions you may not have considered. You’ll be shocked when you discover what is growing in your company.

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Step 2: Amplify

Cultivate clarifies your messaging, builds your communication foundation, and amplifies your stories to the community you serve. Tools can include media interviews, event planning, keynote opportunities, strategic relationships, high-converting web pages, content strategy, social media conversions, podcasts, or video opportunities. Your deliverables and timeline determine which approach we take.

Service Examples

Unlike advertising, where messages are forced onto potential customers who are highly resistant to the messaging, our communication and public relations strategy focus on an exchange of value. We cut out teeth in emerging tech PR communications, but work with any client that is truly a stand-out in their industry. Here are a few examples of what we’ve done for past clients, that will work for you too.

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Media interviews: You provide knowledge of your field and emerging trends to journalists and media personalities. In turn, you gain exposure to their audiences. Our clients have appeared in Fortune, Axios, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, and other publications.

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Search-Targeted Content: You create educational articles, podcasts, or other media focused on customers’ natural curiosity and interest. In turn, your website achieves high organic rank in search engines, and your customers find you and request your services.

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Events or pop-ups: You create an engaging or fun event, or provide unique value within your targeted community. In exchange, your customers attend the event, provide their contact information, or put themselves on your qualified lead list. Events also provide great earned media opportunities.

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Self-driven Media: You create your own media channel, podcast, magazine, video series, radio show, or engaging channel that builds an organic audience and creates a community of people willing to buy from you. What better way to attract new customers, than giving them great entertainment?


If we are a great fit for each other, here’s what happens next:

Chart showing a timeline of how cultivate works with emerging tech PR communications clients

Detailed breakdown

  • Day 1: Meet with your leadership team on a full-day onboarding workshop to develop a plan.
  • Day 2: Research, digging, reporting, and follow-up questions.
  • Day 7: Top-level plan to meet deliverables is presented to leadership.
  • Day 30: Virtual check-ins with your leadership team and strategic staff will begin on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  • Month 3: Traction is visible and opportunities begin to develop. Some early wins happen.
  • Month 6: Early deliverables are achieved, and results celebrated. Strategy continues.
  • 1 Year: All deliverables are complete, we learn from success & failures (yes, failure is a part of the process) and year 2 deliverable discussions begin.

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Get access to my free PDF guide to get you more exposure in 10 days, free resources to make you famous in your industry, PLUS, past guest tips on how to get and give referrals.


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Get access to my free PDF guide to get you more exposure in 10 days, free resources to make you famous in your industry, PLUS, past guest tips on how to get and give referrals.