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Ken Blanchard is an icon and one of the most influential leadership experts in the world. He wrote more than 65 books, including the world renown bestseller The One Minute Manager® and now his newest book, The Simple Truths of Service.

We discussed how critical amazing service is in an age of disruptive online retailers and how your competitive edge in today’s business environment is in how your customers are treated. If you want to succeed, it’s time to get creative about customer service.



The Simple Truths of Service

The Simple Truths of Service recounts the iconic story of Johnny The Bagger, an amazing young man who takes a chance and changes the culture of a grocery store. Bestselling authors Ken Blanchard and Barbara Glanz wrote the book together focusing on how any company can use to reshape their culture around serving the customer.


More About Ken Blanchard

Ken Blanchard is one of the most iconic and influential leadership experts in the world and he has authored more than 65 books, including The One Minute Manager, which you’ve probably read.

He is also the co-founder and chief spiritual officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, an international training and consulting firm started by Ken and his wife, Margie, in 1979.

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