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Ryan Spong is the founder of Foodee, acquired by Sodexo in July of 2021. Foodee is a tech company that is merging local food, local chefs, and scalable catering options for large organizations. The platform is able to take numerous orders, dietary restrictions, and other options, disseminate the information to numerous local restauranteurs, and have everything delivered to a single corporate location.





What Is Foodee?

Foodee is an online localized catering tech company and has since grown by 1125% and serves 12 major North American cities with more than 700 restaurant partners and has a growing list of clients includes top names in tech, finance, and consulting, such as Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Visa, Comcast, and The Weather Channel.

Spong explained to me Foodee solves an interesting challenge for executive assistants and office managers by simplifying the corporate catering process. In most cases, people responsible for catering will pick the most neutral option and hope that the majority of employees are ok with the food choices. Obviously, in this scenario, there is a large number of people that don’t get what they’d prefer.

Foodee allows staff to pick from multiple local restaurant options in the area. Everyone picks what they want and customizes with their dietary restrictions. Foodee’s tech organizes the data automatically, alerts the individual restaurants, and arranges delivery all at the same time and same location. Local restaurants get more orders, office ordering is simplified, and staff gets exactly what they want.


Sustainable Food Packaging Is Required

Catering options often require a lot of packaging to get food to the corporate office organized, fresh and hot. It makes sense from a service standpoint but isn’t a sustainable choice. Foodee’s concept makes big improvements in this area. Foodee mandates their restaurant partners use sustainable packaging methods. If the restaurants do not have available options, Foodee arranges new suppliers to meet their sustainability requirements.


More Background On Ryan Spong

Ryan Spong is a restauranteur and former investment banker. The juxtaposition of these roles led him to create Foodee. To learn more about Ryan Spong and Foodee go to the official website.


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