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For Brett Podolsky, founding the Farmer’s Dog was bigger than just raising 10 million dollars and creating the next hot startup. He wanted to solve a bigger problem. It started with his desire to give his pooch better and healthier food options outside brown crunchy balls.

Dog food is a one size fits all proposition but dogs, just like people, have different dietary needs and various stages of life and ages. This is why The Farmer’s Dog adjusts portion sizes and dietary composition, to be completely unique to each customers dog. Even if a customer has various dogs. The only recipes customers will see are tailor fit for their dog, there is no need to guess, and they are all healthy.

Because the food is portioned, they know when you will run out and send it at just the right time so you don’t have to store a ton of dog food. It comes frozen in a box, just like a popular food subscription service. As you can imagine this is a logistical nightmare and Podolsky mentions the only way they were able to solve this is because of their big hearts for their furry friends.

They also do something amazing when our furry friends go to doggy heaven. Through various metrics and strategies, they send flowers to the owners to express their condolences. Because they are owners, they know how terrible the experience can be, and this is their small way of reaching out to their Farmer’s Dog family.

Podolsky went into a lot of detail and also speaks about how to overcome problems, which include empowering people, letting them solve problems. In many of our previous guest’s experience, this is key!


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