How to get news coverage

It’s confusing trying to get news coverage for your brand, your event or your organization. As a PR person for big national tech brands, I get it. Let me give you one simple tool that will forever change how you look at getting news coverage: promoting your brand is a matter of value exchange.

Getting news coverage is about making a value exchange

Amplifying your story is about a value exchange with those who influence your desired audience. It really is that simple. Even large PR companies and people who have been in the industry for decades don’t understand this truly basic idea.

Consider no journalist actually cares about your story, event or business. They care about increasing their readership, viewership or listenership. A radio station cares about more people in their cars tuning in to their program. A paper or magazine cares about more people clicking to their website and sticking around to read articles. A TV program cares about more people watching their program. What do they not care about?

You. They don’t care about you at all.

They don’t care about your story unless it has value for them. So, use that knowledge as leverage. By the time you email a journalist, you should feel as if you’re doing them a favor.

Want some examples? Ok!

How do you get news coverage from a journalist? Exchange a great story their readers will click on for reach.

How do you get a keynote slot at a conference? Exchange a unique topic and idea to the conference organizer their attendees can use for a speaking gig.

How do rank first page on Google and Duck Duck Go? Exchange a well-written, helpful resource post on your website to the visitor.

How do you get in front of industry leaders in your space? Exchange a great event for a chance to pitch them your story.

How to get news coverage: an easy tool

To get news coverage and amplify your message, the fastest way is to win the hearts and minds of those who influence those networks. To influence those networks, you must think of value for the gatekeepers of those networks and offer this value clearly. Do not think of yourself.

This mindset, alongside creating a better pitch, makes all the difference. And this idea isn’t just limited to journalists, magazines and news publications.

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