How to promote via social media comments

Should I plug my business or service on social media replies / comments? Ok, it’s not actually a question I get that often, BUT I see people doing it quite often. Sadly, it looks kinda… dirty. But there are a few exceptions.

Generally, no. You shouldn’t plug or promote yourself in social media comments. But in cases where your “plug” objectively adds value and/or someone is specifically asking, “do you know of any _____ services?” then go for it!

I say all this with a huge caveat however— your product isn’t God’s gift to the planet. Some people believe constantly plugging their stuff is valuable. If that’s you, you’re dead wrong.

Replying to various posts can build your brand (just ask LinkedIn savant Eva Rose Daniel) BUT exercise caution when it comes to directly plugging your stuff. This approach can burn bridges, even to people who need you! Your comments should be immediately valuable to the recipient supported by actionable value.

“I answered this pizza / dairy sensitivity question in my book ‘Dairy Changes.'”

– VS –

“When doing research for my book, I discovered the best pizza for those with dairy sensitivity uses goat cheese!”

If you continue to add value, that will attract attention. Always lead with “you-neutral” value.

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