The Cultivate Process

Cultivate unearths and amplifies stories to create cult-like followings for emerging tech, R&D-focused companies, and brands that push against the status quo. The cultivate process is a PR, SEO & content strategy method that routinely delivers dramatic increases in organic web traffic and national exposure in news, magazine, and trade journal publications.


The cultivate process is the critical communications component Justin Brady uses for his clients. Clients that benefit are masters at solving complex problems that change the world, but demand strategic support to amplify their breakthrough products to the masses.



The cultivate process has been refined from high-output work on both sides of the mass communications game and has been forged by:


  • hundreds of in-depth interviews with leaders that successfully developed cult-like followings, becoming one of the top 250,000 podcasts in the entire iHeart Radio Catalog, also getting featured on iTunes New & Noteworthy list. Subscribe here >
  • thousands of hours in media, brand, culture and leadership research. Read my latest >
  • creating high-traffic and nationally syndicated content for media brands like iHeart Radio, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Quartz, and The Harvard Business Review. Here’s that list >
  • SEO work that routinely increases client traffic by 30%, and achieves page one “above the fold” ranking in under 6 months (sometimes faster).
  • achieving national exposure for clients in Bloomberg, Quartz, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and more high traffic websites.


How It Works

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Dig Deep To Unearth Ideas

The cultivate process reveals internal creative ideas and unearths stories to separate your brand (yes, you have plenty). They are often unexpected, not top of mind, not valued, or not understood. This process also yields hidden profit ideas in your company and unlocks the potential of employees, locking down all-star employees.


Plant Seeds and Amplify Your Brand Message

cultivate-OUT iconThe cultivate process’s three-step approach: (1) develops captivating web content to rank high in search engines AND be engaging for real humans; (2) places you in covet-worthy niche publications industry leaders rely on and; (3) positions your people and company as industry leaders in respected publications.



What To Expect

Justin Brady leads your leadership and select staff through the cultivate process, starting with a 30-minute phone call (no cost) to determine fit. If we are a fit, here’s how it works:

  • Day 1: Meet with your leadership team on a full-day workshop to develop a customized plan.
  • Day 2: Spend a full day of immersion in your work culture.
  • Day 7: Initial plan and deliverables are developed and presented to leadership.
  • Day 30: Virtual check-ins with your leadership team and strategic staff will continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. We will work monthly to develop stories, write content and pitch coveted publications.
  • 6 Month: Progress becomes visible and early deliverables start to become clear.
  • 1 Year: Deliverables are complete and year 2 goal discussion begins.


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