The Cultivate Process

Have you ever asked these questions? My name is Justin Brady and I hear them all the time. Don’t worry, there are straightforward answers.

  • “Why does my team come up with great ideas but struggle to get them done?”
  • “Why is turnover high?”
  • “Why is employee engagement so low?”
  • “Why don’t office incentives or the new office space designs improve collaboration?”


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How It Works

The cultivate process is an ironclad communications method for 21st-century creative companies. I wrote about one core aspect, the LET Principle, in the Wall Street Journal and since then, the process has grown. It has been refined and expanded from interviews with hundreds of global A-list leaders, thousands of hours in workplace research, and success with the world’s most forward-thinking companies and your team can benefit. Here’s how this will work for you:


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Step One (Inside)

The cultivate process reveals communication blockades that stand in the way of progress. The process also uncovers hidden profit ideas in your company, proves you did hire the right people and allows you to expect more from your employees.

These sustainable methods and principles will become the basis of communication for the entire organization inside and out.


Step Two (Outside)

cultivate-OUT iconEngagement will increase, great employees will stay, bad employees will leave gracefully and creativity will soar. In addition, costly gimmicks like game rooms, sleep pods, free food, dry cleaning, etc. that fail to deliver results will end.

The intelligent employees you hired will operate within the work culture you envisioned from the beginning. Your customers throughout the world will take notice and marketing will be empowered to tell your companies story.


What To Expect

I will lead you through the whole process until you cry uncle. We start with a 30-minute phone call (no cost) to determine if I can help you. Then the cultivate process begins like this.

Day 1: I will meet with your leadership team on a full day workshop to develop your customized plan.

Day 2: I will spend a full day immersing myself in your culture.

Day 7: An initial plan will be developed and presented to you.

Day 30: Virtual check-ins with your leadership team and strategic staff will continue on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.


Message Me To Get Started

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