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April 2, 2019 (Updated 8/25/20)

Paul Allen is the founder of, sold for 1.6 Billion dollars in 2012. Currently, he is building, the world’s leading community for strengths development. He is also a senior advisor for Gallup in Washington DC.

Paul Allen of SOAR with Justin Brady
Paul Allen welcomed to the studio by Justin Brady

Paul Allen came to the Justin Brady Podcast studio to discuss startups, the process of starting the company inputting all the records, and some shocking stories people have told him about their own genealogy. As she hugged Allen, one woman explained because of she discovered a history of breast cancer in her family and was able to take proactive steps to ensure a healthy life. Sometimes, the stories are shocking, however.

One woman discovered in her past, her ancestors had actually been slave owners. The woman’s father wanted nothing to do with the information, but she wanted to embrace it as a healing measure. This got Allen thinking about a big idea.








Amazing Stories

It was quickly obvious Allen has a big heart. Because of the data companies like have, he discussed the possibility of not only educating families and users on their history but actually making meaningful change in our world and communities.

One woman explained to Paul understanding her family history revealed a shocking past. Her distant family owned slaves. Her father wanted nothing to do with it, but she wanted to embrace and learn from her history. Because of this Allen had an interesting idea. What if the families that had ancestors who were slave owners could donate to a college fund for the descendant’s children of the slaves? Could a  voluntary program like this, he theorized, be an amazing healing opportunity? When students graduate, both families would be united furthering the healing efforts. Could something like this help heal our country?

Paul Allen founder of with wife Christy
Paul Allen founder of with wife Christy

Because of another woman who Allen met discovered a history of breast cancer in her family. Because she got a jump on this knowledge, getting a double mastectomy,  she explained to him the knowledge very well may have saved her life.


Paul Allen Launches is Paul Allen’s newest company focusing on human development and achievement. The online platform is the world’s leading community for strengths development. When Allen became a senior advisor to Gallup and Clifton Strengths he began to understand the deep need for a better process and platform to get people mentorship and coaching. Strengths Finder 2.0 is the physical guide and manifestation of Clifton Strengths in book form, but Allen saw the missing piece, personal guides.


Learn More About Paul Allen

Learn about his new company here or go to his personal website. Special thanks to Avail Professional Services and Results on Purpose for making this interview possible. 


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