UPDATE: After 6 months of testing, creating a distribution strategy, and pricing Amanda Goetz and the House of Wise team are excited to announce their $2m Series Seed round. To celebrate use my code to get 20% off.


Amanda Goetz transitioned from her role as the VP of Marketing at TheKnot.com to a founder role creating House of Wise, a CBD startup. Focusing on helping whom she calls “wise” women, this CBD startup is just for the ladies. She answers background questions about House of Wise and how the startup phase is going.

She answers questions like: How did she raise cash? How did she work on this while being full-time at TheKnot.com, and how did she learn the CBD industry with zero prior knowledge? How did she tell her previous boss?


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House of Wise Stress CBD
House of Wise Stress CBD

From Employee To House of Wise Founder

Goetz speaks about making the transition from a full-time employee to a startup entrepreneur selling physical products, delivered to customers’ doors. She expands on how she found the right farms to source her House of Wise CBD product line, how she learned the industry, and how she figured out how to raise cash.

Transitioning from full-time employment into the great abyss of entrepreneurship can be quite intimidating. Goetz breaks down, step by step, how she avoided excess risk. She also had one tip that flies in the face of traditional entrepreneurship: be transparent.

She recalls her upfront and honest approach with her former boss about her startup plans and instructs listeners on how to get your boss on board via agreed upon goal-setting. Transitioning out of a full-time job, into a founder role can be a win/win for both parties.

House of Wise Sleep Gummies
House of Wise Sleep Gummies

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