Interview with Nate Quigley, CEO of Chatbooks

I had the opportunity to interview a fascinating person that has created an amazing concept, especially for the new year. It’s called Chatbooks, and put simply it’s a custom photo book that’s automatically mailed to you every month. Nate Quigley, the CEO, and co-founder of Chatbooks was kind enough to explain how the whole thing started.

Where did the Chatbooks Idea Come From?

The Chatbooks idea originated with Nate’s wife, Vanessa’s. She discovered there is still a very strong desire for printed photo books, but the work that goes into making them was a huge barrier. So, they both set out to make it extremely easy.

Chatbooks automatically uses your Facebook or Instagram photos to build a custom photo book subscription. It is mailed monthly to you and your photos are automatically designed and arranged based on what you post to these social networks and what you like or favorite. Subscribers only take pictures, review the photos (if they want to) and it is mailed to your door every month.

Americans Really Do LOVE Print

Quigley’s Chatbooks model is tapping into some key data. While it’s true American’s aren’t reading any more than they did in 2012, the way they’re reading is a bit stunning. You may believe (as I first did) e-readers and iPads dominate content consumption, but e-readers play a small roll.

According to PEW Research, only 8% of Americans now report that they read books using dedicated e-reader devices – nearly identical to the 7% who reported doing so in 2011. In addition, only 6% of American consumers choose e-readers only.

On top of this, digital content powerhouse Adobe has put a significant amount of effort behind their 99U / Behance digital magazine. (Listen to my interview with founder Scott Belsky.)

In a time when people have easy access to amazing cell phone photography and have a strong desire for printed memories and smooth automation technology, Chatbooks has an obvious place in 2019. Go to their website to learn more information.

Listen to My Interview With Nate Quigley, CEO of Chatbooks »

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