The Best Podcast Picks for 2021

The best podcasts of 2021 won’t just win on content, but also on quality production, entertainment, and unique value. Nothing drives me crazier than great podcasts that don’t get the recognition they deserve, so for those who’ve asked me what the best podcasts of 2021 will be, here’s what you should be listening to and why.

You are likely aware podcasting is growing at an insanely fast rate, with 75% of Americans listening in 2020, up from twenty-two percent in 2006. But quality podcasting isn’t growing as fast. (In fact, poor quality and production is one reason why people don’t subscribe to podcasts.) Plus, there aren’t a lot of truly unique shows—most just copy each other.

best podcasts of 2021

The Six Best Podcasts of 2021

I’ve picked six shows I believe fit the bill to be the best podcasts of 2021 based not only on great content, but quality production, and fun presentation.

Halfway There podcast logo

1. Halfway There, By Eric Nevins

Eric’s podcast dives into theology and Christianity in a raw, refreshing, and real way. He asks difficult questions and everyday Christians recount their struggles, pain, and dark times. This podcast tackles the struggles Christians face and reverses the damage of poor Christian doctrine. It’s incredible how far the Christian church has strayed and their lessening focus on Jesus’ love. Put this on your list, it’s truly one of the best podcasts of 2021.

Editors note 1/5/21: My endorsement doesn’t cover all guest views. Some guests have concerning theological ideas that go unchallenged.

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Truce Podcast logo

2. The Truce Podcast, By Chris Staron

Sticking with the theology theme, the Truce Podcast by Chris Staron is an equally fascinating look into the Christian church and theology, but from a historical, journalistic standpoint. Staron explores how communist Russia influenced Western Christianity, why America isn’t a Christian nation, and what shapes Christian politics. If you want a theological/historical and entertaining deep dive, you must ad this extremely well-produced podcat to your list.

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The Psychology podcast logo

3. The Psychology Podcast, By Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman

Whether it be mental health, psychology hacks, or perspective The Psychology Podcast with Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman is incredible. As someone who is tightly wound, and ADHD, this podcast makes me feel less crazy and less alone. Dr. Kaufman is a pro at explaining our brain-patterns in an easy-to-understand fashion and his show is highly deserving of being in the best podcasts of 2021.

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The EntreLeadership podcast logo
EntreLeadership Podcast

4. The EntreLeadership Podcast, by Ramsey Solutions

If you want to hear from insanely high profile leaders, discussing growth strategies in a long-form format, I’ve been digging the EntreLeadership podcast. The podcast has enormous reach, but when Daniel Tardy started hosting, this podcast’s true potential became apparent. Tardy is a pro-listener and asks questions entrepreneurs want to be answered. As a podaster myself this is not as easy as he makes it look.

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Finding Brave Podcast

5. Finding Brave, with Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino has a truly bizarre way of filling me with courage, reminding me to pursue what excites me, and what I’m truly gifted at. I love her honest, open, and empathetic interviewing style, and love how the A-list guests she gets. I especially like how she gets guests to open up about tactical, applicable tips in my career. If this isn’t deserving of being one of the best podcasts of 2021, I’ll eat my hat.

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Build for Tomorrow with Jason Feifer
Build for Tomorrow, Jason Feifer

6. Build for Tomorrow, with Jason Feifer

Formerly called The Pessimists Archive, I love this show. It’s always fascinating! Jason Feifer, the EIC of Entrepreneur explores previous innovations and how they were received. He digs into why we are always scared of new stuff and generally pokes fun at how we reject ideas that benefit us. This podcast is produced with expert precision, so listen up.

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Justin Brady Show Cover Art
Justin Brady Show

Best Podcasts Bonus: My show!

If you thought I wasn’t going to include my own show, you’re crazy! My show amplifies the best ideas, entrepreneurs, companies and people on planet earth. I interview podcasters like John Jantsch of the DuctTape Marketing Podcast (also good), CEOs like Howard Schultz and Blake Irving, and even some Presidential Candidates. I strongly believe it qualifies as one of the best podcasts of 2021.

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