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Kathy Caprino, author of The Most Powerful You and host of The Finding Brave Podcast, explains why women shun power and the blockades that are holding them back from career success. I ask if the power dynamic has finally shifted, what exactly men are supposed to do (if anything), and how women can overcome obstacles before them.


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Schooling and the pandemic are driven by politics Play Segment »

  • Here is Gallup’s data on parents opinion of Covid-19 in the schools
  • Check this site for new CDC Data on which population is most at risk


Kathy Caprino on women leadership Play Segment »

The Most Powerful You Kathy Caprino
Buy The Most Powerful You by Kathy Caprino


Kathy Caprino photo courtesy Jacklyn Greenberg. © 2019 JAGstudios


WHY: Construction zone edition Play Segment »


TikTok banned deep-fakes. This isn’t a new problem Play Segment »

  • Here’s the WIRED article about the Tom Hanks deepfake
  • According to The Verge, TikTok will be banning deepfake videos




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