Will Witt’s Prager U Videos Have Over 120 Million Views

Will Witt has become a viral video sensation with his “man on the street” videos reminiscent of Water’s World or Jay Leno’s “Jay Walking.” In less than 9 months Witt’s videos have attracted over 120 million views! Love him or hate him, he has found a fascinating communications model that attracts attention.

Witt explained it all started with a simple video on the gender pay gap at The University of Colorado, Boulder, which he calls “The People’s Republic of Boulder.” He sent the video to Prager U, founded by popular conservative personality Dennis Prager, and they ran it. Eventually, they invited him to LA, finally hiring him to make more.

Ironically, his liberal college experience inspired him to become more politically interested and active. Witt has been with Prager U for one year, at the time of this article, but he’s been producing videos for only 9 months. In addition to the amazing growth in the popularity of his videos, his Facebook page has over 100k likes.

His videos are conservative in nature, but the style is non-combative and playful. He loves asking questions that drive people to reconsider their viewpoints, hopefully educating people at the same time.

Witt explained that the videos, for the most part, are inspired by current news trends and events, like immigration, the gender pay gap, and other hot-button issues. His favorite functions to interact with people are protests and marches.


What Was the Craziest Will Witt Moment of 2018?

The craziest moment of 2018 is when Witt and his friend went to California State University, Northridge dressed up in Native American garb for Thanksgiving. Another friend, who is African American dressed up as a pilgrim and someone criticized him questioning if black pilgrims even existed. (Yep. They did.)

As they handed out pumpkin pie they were harassed by a group of students and the scenario concluded with one of the participants stealing part of his costume. They found out later, a professor at the University was behind the confrontation.


His Prediction for 2019

Witt explains the Left and the Right are looking for people to blame, which concerns him greatly. He thinks there is going to be a breaking point in 2019, which will be damaging, but he believes it will be a key moment that will initiate some national healing. I hope he’s right.


No matter what your opinion of Will Witt and his videos, he is living proof that getting out of your comfort zone, and speaking up for what you believe in are necessary for a great PR and communications strategy. There are networks of people ready to hear from you—you just need to open your mouth.


Interview with Will Witt of Prager U



Does Will Witt Have A Girlfriend?

Ever since my interview with Will Witt, one question (and numerous searches) have posed the same question, “Is Will Witt single?” The answer to that is yes (for now). I asked him where interested parties can send fan-mail or… ya know, ask him out. You’re welcome, America.

To ask Will Witt out, or simply send him a nice note:


Will Witt
c/o Prager University Foundation
15021 Ventura Blvd. #552
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


Check Out Will Witt’s Best 2018 Moments


Photo Courtesy: PragerU


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