Why doesn’t Clubhouse…

Why doesn’t Clubhouse _______? Thanks to past guest and super-genius Soulaima Gourani, CEO of Happioh, I finally got an invite, and after using the platform for nearly a week, I have plenty of questions.

First of all, I love the platform and see great potential for it. Because it’s Apple-only device, I actually bought an iPad just to get on. But I’m hoping we see some changes as they listen to their users and implement new changes.

Why doesn’t Clubhouse allow DMs?

If you’re new to the Clubhouse platform, you will hear folks constantly telling their rooms to “DM me.” I looked through the app top to bottom and for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to do it. There’s an easy explanation. You can’t.

When people are asking for DMs, they are assuming you will DM them through their linked social media platforms, currently limited to Instagram and Twitter. Of course, the funny thing about this is that some folks don’t open up their message capability on their social platform, making it impossible to DM them.

Why doesn’t Clubhouse support room searching?

One truly bizarre feature seemingly left off Clubhouse is the ability to search active or future scheduled rooms. A friend of mine scheduled a talk and when it came time to join her room, I did a search that only turned up clubs and people, not active rooms. No problem, I’ll search for the host and find their room. Nope.

After finding the person hosting the room, tapping on her profile, I figured there’d be a listing of her active/future rooms in her profile. Nope. Nothing. I went directly to her Twitter page and clicked her room link, and instead of letting me into the room, it was just an informational page about the room. I finally accessed her room by scrolling endlessly through the “Events for You” tab past at least 50 rooms that were most certainly not related to my interests or anyone I’d followed.

Why doesn’t Clubhouse show accurate users per room?

One thing that you will quickly notice is that some users seem to be in multiple rooms simultaneously. After seeing a familiar face, you may jump into a room to notice they aren’t there. Apparently, Clubhouse has a bug where multiple “ghost users” appear stuck in various rooms, despite leaving it.

Hopefully Clubhouse fixes this soon.

Why doesn’t Clubhouse have better moderators?

One thing that drives me crazy about the platform is the sheer volume of terrible moderators. Just like LinkedIn live, Clubhouse gave invites to high-profile people, but not necessarily people who were skilled at moderating a discussion.

This might sound pretentious to you, but it matters. My first experience with Clubhouse was with boastful moderators who claimed they had the expertise they didn’t truly have- people who hosted rooms that drone on and one with no direction. It’s not a great experience. Some people have figured out how to game the algorithm to promote their rooms. There are better ways to moderate on Clubhouse.

Why doesn’t Clubhouse have better rooms?

I was impressed during the setup process for Clubhouse. They asked for a lot of my interests to serve up more relevant rooms, but when it actually loaded, ouch! The room recommendations were bizarre and completely irrelevant to the topics I was interested in. At first, I thought there simply weren’t any good rooms.

I’m still unsure on why and how Clubhouse serves up the rooms it does, but the most relevant content seems to be hidden and hard to find. Based on simple observation, it appears as though larger rooms and longer-running rooms take priority. As you can imagine, a lot of moderators attempt to game the app to get more participants. And that leads to my next point.


Why doesn’t Clubhouse kick off AFK moderators?

Some moderators on Clubhouse seem to constantly be on the network. Logging in randomly throughout the day, they never leave. If you pay attention though, you will notice they rarely speak. What’s going on?

I believe they are “decoy” moderators who simply leave themselves logged into a room even though they aren’t listening or available. Why would they do this? I’m guessing to inflate numbers and keep the room going longer. This may be why some rooms seem to bubble to the top of the platform. I’d guess there are also “audience” members doing the same thing.

Listen to my podcast segment on Clubhouse

Update: This feature has been added! Direct links are now available by adding your username to the end of joinclubhouse.com. For example, mine is https://joinclubhouse.com/@justinbrady To find direct room URLs, you must first find the room, and now you can copy the URL.

I’d love to be able to link directly to my profile so you can follow me or interact with me, but that’s impossible as of now. Also, if you’re hosting a room or club, it’s impossible to link directly to it. In the event of a scheduled room, it’s impossible to find those as well. Even tapping on a person’s profile won’t show you the rooms they are hosting.

It’s completely understandable since the platform is still in Beta, but I’d like to see it easier to link directly into my Clubhouse username.

What I like about Clubhouse

Like any social media platform, Clubhouse has its problems, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. As a podcaster and recovering terrestrial radio guy, I love the audio-only platform and believe it has strong potential. Clubhouse is also a great tool if you’re a content marketer wondering how to come up with new story ideas.

If you’d like to engage and speak with me on Clubhouse, my user name is @JustinBrady. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll let you know the next time I host a room (plus I’ll give you a free PDF guide to get you more press in just 10 days.)



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