Can Nursepreneurship Save Healthcare?

Some of the biggest advances and breakthroughs happen because someone was careful to observe what their peers missed. Because action and experience are the gatekeepers to market, one woman hopes to fill the gap and engage millions of untapped innovators. She calls them nursepreneurs.


What Is A Nursepreneur?

Catie Harris is the founder of Nursepreneurs. Using their unique perspective, Harris helps nurses define business ideas, design their brand and generate income from their ideas. Think for one second the kind of exposure nurses have to ideas and raw humanity and it makes sense why nursing may be the largest idea-field of our time.

Dr. Catie Harris, Founder of Nursepreneurs

Who hears the depth of human pain and problems? Nurses.

Who sees family drama play out in a deeper fashion than perhaps even therapists and pastors? Nurses.

Who hears us babble semi-coherently while we’re under anesthesia? Nurses.

Who sees patterns, problems, and life from a perspective unlike any corporate executive, design company, or product manufacturer? Nurses.

“Nurses are at the bedside with the patient. We hear everything. We know all the family drama, the deep dark secrets, the things that [patients] say when they have intense fears. This is the most amazing market research you could ever want.” Harris told me. “The fact that nurses are in that position, that totally could be capitalized on.”

When you fully consider their experience and understand how connected they are to life’s problems, challenges and solutions, it’s obvious Harris is onto something. We have 3.1 million nurses in the USA and 220,000 nurse practitioners and future Nursepreneuers could have a lot to offer not just healthcare, but many potential new markets.

Obviously, HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) prevents Nurses from sharing specific stories, but the patterns Nurses see and the solutions they develop can be shared with the world. Like curing hangovers for example.


What Have These Nursepreneurs Created?

One such idea from a nursepreneur was a potential IV business. We typically think of IVs in the context of surgery, or to help someone recover from a severe injury or illness, but not nurses. Unknown to the general public, medical professionals know that IVs can be used for general wellness, vitamin absorption or even to help you recover from a hangover.

Harris revealed a little known industry secret that nurses and physicians coming to work under the weather will plug each other into an IV, quickly getting back to work. One nursepreneur simply decided to commercialize that idea into a business model, launching an IV hydration lounge as a way to cure hangovers, help people recover from jet lag, fatigue, boost athletic performance or even help curb migraines.


Other examples of nursepreneurship breakthroughs include premium concierge services that help patients adjust to home life, and training business that develops metaphors to train nurses on how to speak to patients so they better understand their treatments.


The popular aphorism rings true “ideas are like butts, everyone has them.” Perhaps the ones saving our butts will usher in a new era of innovation.


Listen to Dr. Catie Harris discuss Nursepreneurship



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