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I’ve often thought remote collaboration is inferior to in-person collaboration but Will Burns, the founder of Ideasicle X, who has worked at the most prestigious agencies, says it can be better!

Unknown to me, there are certain negatives that come with in-person collaboration. Specifically, Introverts are steamrolled by loudmouths. Also, participants tend to discriminate based on where feedback comes from. But remotely? Some of that stuff goes away. In this interview Burns explains his theory that remote collaboration is better than in-person collaboration.



Will Burns, Founder of Ideasicle X

Will Burns founded Ideasicle X for advertising agencies seeking ideas from their freelance talent pool, and his advice on collaboration is really insightful for businesses wanting to grow their creative muscles. Long before the pandemic pushed everyone to remote work, he was working on Ideasicle X to help companies generate ideas.

Burns has experience in the ad industry that most do not. He’s been at some of the most prestigious agencies including the inventors of Just Do It for Nike, Wieden+Kennedy. He knows not just the advertising industry’s idea problems, but organizational problems that plague all industries.

It’s important to source your own people for the best ideas, but when you need to go outside due to a lack of expertise, staffing or to eliminate group think, Burns has developed key strategies over the years to unlock remote creative potential.



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