Tiago Forte explores the future of work at his company, Forte Labs. His work has been featured in The New York Times, Inc., Lifehacker, The Atlantic, Quartz, and others. His future of work courses have been taken by more than 20,000 online learners.

Past clients include Genentech, Toyota, Nestle, and the Inter-American Development Bank, as well as startups, incubators, universities, and nonprofits around the world. In this interview, Forte explains what the future of work looks like and why creative work cultures aren’t as spirited as some might think.


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The Future Of Work

Tiago Forte is obsessed with helping companies and work cultures not just survive, but thrive. His training and consulting work help companies by helping them focus and organize, improving on skills that I call “dangerously simple.”

So many leaders and workers forget, or simply don’t know that process is the only thing that takes creativity and ideas and turns them into tangible action that can accomplish your goals. The future of work will demand artistry and creativity, but so many get the wrong impression of what this looks like. Who wants free-spirited painters responsible for getting work done? Actually, you.

Forte explains that the best, most profitable artists are actually quite regimented and have a solid process that they use to get things done. Creativity doesn’t stop with the idea, getting creative ideas into action with concrete, repeatable processes is a big part of the game.

We also talk considerably about the key role trust plays in creative process-driven organizations which is probably where my favorite quote out of this interview came from. “Work Moves At The Speed Of Trust” Brilliant!


Tiago Forte Resources

Tiago Forte leads Forte Labs which is dedicated to helping knowledge workers transform their productivity and learning. His company offers live workshops, online courses, books, coaching, and organizational consulting.

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