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Pernell Cezar co-founder of Blk & Bold coffee achieved national distribution in under 2 years! I ask him how. Also, we dig into why 1 day shipping from Amazon isn’t doing well, the balance between transparency and oversharing, and why only 70% of your internal email is ever read. (Ouch)



Why One Day Shipping Failed

One-day shipping has been a surprising flop so far. It seems people are unwilling to pay extra for that service… or at least extra that they’re aware of. I believe this pattern reveals something deeper: In our own internal/external communications, how much transparency is good? And when is transparency bad?

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Pernell Cezar co-founder of Blk & Bold Coffee with with Justin Brady
Pernell Cezar co-founder of Blk & Bold Coffee with Justin Brady

Pernell Cezar of Blk & Bold

Today’s in-studio guest is Pernell Cezar of BLK & Bold Specialty Beverages. The dude has built a nationally distributed coffee brand in less than 2 years, which any retailer knows should be an impossible feat.

I dig into the details and ask how he did it, what tools he used, and advice on how other brands can pitch the big boys and win. We also break down what makes specialty coffee so special. As a life-long coffee drinker I learned quite a bit from speaking to Pernell. I know you will too.

Read the full summary of Pernell Cezar and Blk & Bold on The Iowa Podcast.



Why No One Reads Your Email

I have to admit the data on internal email is abysmal. A team of 10 people will generate over 700 emails per month, and around 20% of those emails will never be read. Do we need to set aside email time? Get better email software? I think there is a core problem. Shuffled responsibility from shaky leaders.



Why doesn’t the best idea win?

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