the Justin Brady Show sold to Blackstone for 4.7 billion dollars and I ask its founder Paul Allen how we knew the company would be big and what he’s working on now. And I had to ask him if there’s a chance he’s working with Elon Musk on the neuralink project. “No comment.”:



What is an “essential business?” ▶️

Some think we can simply shut down the entire company minus essential business. When you think about the entire supply chain and interconnected economy however, it’s nearly impossible not to mention who decides what’s essential? Listen for a real-world scenario.


Paul Allen discusses building ▶️

PT 1 Highlights:

  • 10:19 Did Paul know would become a big thing? Did you have investor struggles?
  • 13:07 nearly died in the beginning, prompting Paul and his co-founder to put half a million in the company.
  • 16:04 Paul discusses how commited they were early on to the mission of
  • 21:36 Paul discusses the struggle in raising money for something “boring” like geneology.


Paul Allen discusses his next billion-dollar project. ▶️

Paul discusses, future tech trends, and how voice is going to drive new technologies. If you want a glimpse at Paul’s new project and the next multi-billion dollar idea, listen to this.



A new report shows the most creative generation ▶️

  • Go here for Adobe’s report on Generation Create
  • According to PEW Research, over half of US adults say they don’t pursue higher-paying STEM fields because the subjects are too difficult.
  • According to the CATO Institute, young Americans are more likely to resent the wealthy
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests Gen Z has a volunteerism split.





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