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Nate Regier, founder of Next Element discusses how to be authentic at work, how to self-assess your leadership, and how to influence your boss without negative conflict. He also explains why an older leadership model, PCM is misunderstood and why he’s writing a book about it.



Discussing “acceptable deaths” in reopening.

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Some believe it’s evil to discuss “acceptable deaths” in re-opening the economy. But they are missing the bigger picture.

  • Deaths from cigarettes per year from the CDC
  • Deaths from heart disease per year from the CDC
  • An estimated 80% of heart disease is preventable according to the American Heart Association.
  • Deaths from vehicles are around 38k per year


Nate Regier of Next Element

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Nate talks about leadership, authenticity, influencing others, and PCM’s place in our tension-filled workplace.


Air Travel Will Get Worse, But You’ll Still Fly

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Insiders believe air travel will get… worse. But I think it won’t impact travel because travel is a status symbol. In the future, one unsuspecting technology will disrupt travel though…


Lawyer Tried To Take My Podcast Down

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  • Read the full account here.




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