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Networking is just gross. Let’s be honest, no one likes the chamber of commerce, sticky name tag, finger food, “networking” period of any event. And yet, for people wanting to make connections and grow their business & influence, it’s a necessity. That’s why I asked Michelle Tillis Lederman onto the show. I didn’t believe it, but there is a realistic way to build connections, connect to others and not feel like a filthy business person.


A little background on Michelle Tillis Lederman

Michelle Tillis Lederman, CEO of Executive Essentials is all about building better relationships and better results. She is the author of The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact [BUY] releasing March of 2019 and also The 11 Laws of Likability [BUY]. She is a former NYU professor, brilliant connector and down to earth pro in the art of human connection.

In this interview, she discusses straight forward strategies on how to be a better connector, why you are making it harder than it needs to be and we both laugh about a really hilarious networking trick that works every time (and you don’t have to say a word!) And we also discuss one reason why networking and connecting feel so filthy and what you can do to completely change your mindset, and maybe your entire career path.

Oh, and we also discuss why introverts can actually be far superior at connecting or networking than even extroverts. (No, seriously!) They have the tendency to lure in extroverts, are great listeners, better on the 101, and not at all off-putting. This is their strategic advantage.


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