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Is This the End of Recycling? Citing logistical and sorting problems, that’s what a 2019 piece in The Atlantic asked. But as recyclables are tossed into landfills and recycling companies are on the verge of dying, the CEO of AMP Robotics, Matanya Horowitz has invented a robot that sorts faster and more accurately than humans.



Many folks are unaware of the difficulty of sorting single-stream curbside recycling. Once items arrive to the sorting facility, items move quickly. Failure to pick the items properly results in less-than-ideal purity for buyers. Obviously, recyclers depend on buyers but if the samples aren’t perfect, they lose money.

Equally challenging, is finding people to do these jobs. It’s not easy work and turnover is high. It’s all of these reasons, the recycling industry almost completely died. AMP Robotics however isn’t just saving the industry, they are re-inventing it.


Matanya Horowitz, CEO AMP Robotics



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