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Lisen Stromberg is Partner and COO of The 3% Movement and an award-winning journalist. She also wrote Work. Pause. Thrive and she has been featured in The New York Times, Newsweek, NPR, Forbes and others.



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Work. Pause. Thrive. By Lisen Stromberg

The U.S. sucks at work-life balance coming in 30th out of 38 countries and 33 percent of employed adults work on weekends and holidays. Yuck! These numbers are especially troubling for parents who are more likely to spend less time with their families and miss important life events. Even more concerning is as 64 million millennials become parents in the coming years, they aren’t going to tolerate this mess.

Stromberg interviewed 186 women, surveying nearly 1,500 more to learn how truly successful women integrated kids with their careers. She found a pattern when she started digging. It turns out, true leaders in this area and those re-entering the workforce with authority didn’t climb the ladder at all; they disrupted the entire career paradigm.  By creating their own self-defined, non-linear career path, they are able to work, pause, and thrive. According to Stromberg, the reason some women have such anxiety about re-entering the workplace is simply because they are trying to play by self-imposed rules. Rules that are broken.

Stromberg explains how women and men can address career pauses and why you can prioritize family and still get ahead. For the entrepreneur or do-it-all career-minded professional that wants to balance family and work. You need to hear this.


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