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Kyle MK author of The Economics of Emotion and made a name for himself working with Apple, Disney and Starbucks and he says the best businesses moving forward will have to get emotional. He believes the era of the brilliant jerk boss, like Steve Jobs of Apple or Travis Kalanick of Uber has come to an end. “It’s not personal, it’s just business” isn’t acceptable.



Kyle MK says bring your emotions to the meeting

Whether leaders like it or not, whenever you get a lot of people working in the same place on a similar goal, emotions rage. For years, many managers simply ignore them or tell the staff to leave their emotions at the door, but MK doesn’t believe that’s the right path. In fact, he believes not only should leaders encourage emotions in the workplace, but they should seek to understand their staff’s emotions, and certainly, understand their own.

Of all the emotions routinely exhibited at work, most of them that are conditioned at work are negative. Joy, Fear, Sadness, Disgust and Anger all play major roles in our workplace, with fear leading the pack as a motivator. While fear may motivate someone to keep their job, doing just enough work to get by, it won’t motivate them to pursue excellence.

One way the ace leaders get the best out of their teams is by offering constant helpful and critical critiques the right way — and taking every chance you get to praise your team. We discuss why this is so hard for managers.


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