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We get a first impression of someone in under 30 seconds, so what are the implications for your brand through screens, retail stores or press articles? Kevin Lund, author of Conversation Marketing and CEO of T3 Custom goes beyond lame sound bites and lays out specifics.

Like a face-to-face encounter, each of your channels is a potential handshake moment, but you’re lucky if you get 3 seconds. I ask Kevin to simplify how we can break through with content and what “human” content looks like.

For 18 years, companies like TD Ameritrade, HSBC, Forbes, Nasdaq, and BlackRock have used Kevin to develop content-marketing solutions to reach people in a way that resonates. And that’s what his book is all about. We discuss how to be relevant and engage customers by speaking human. Competing on price is for suckers.

We discuss why being vulnerable makes your brand human and how to meet customers where they are by being authentic and transparent. No surprise to listeners, listening is key and Lund breaks down some great strategies.




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