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June 26, 2019

Katie Byers is the founder of HomeDitty, a startup company that connects those wanting to live music in their home to artists across the country. House Concerts are coming back in a big way thanks to her tech and bands across the USA are currently facing a waiting list to get into the platform.




The HomeDitty Concept

Katie Byers founded the company as a way to connect two groups that had a mutual need. Homeowners or individuals that wanted live music at their location, but didn’t actually have any connections to bands, and artists who wanted new venues, and new revenue either for a one-off concert or while touring through certain areas. The concept was a major hit.
Since it launched two years ago, HomeDitty has over 500 hosts signed up in over 40 states with zero paid marketing efforts and zero outside investment dollars. The company currently has 100 talented musicians on the site throughout the country and has a waiting list of over 500 artists.
To date, Byers told me over 350 house concerts have been hosted using HomeDitty in this extremely short period. She explains that most people are surprised to know there are thousands of talented, professional musicians that love the intimate house party setting, and would love to play in your living room for you and your friends. But even if you don’t have the cash flow to hire musicians outright, Byers says HomeDitty has a built-in crowdfunding option.
Musicians that have used the HomeDitty platform have been featured in Rolling Stone Magazine, NPR and other national media platforms and one band from Nashville raised $15,000 in a little over one month and self-fund their latest album through a house concert tour using HomeDitty. Byers even explained that HomeDitty artists often make significantly more money and sell more merchandise playing at house concerts than at public venues.
For any musician who has played for only tips or even to an empty room, house parties are a welcome and profitable alternative and Katie Byers is making this a reality.


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