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August 4th, 2020: In this special episode of The Justin Brady Show I venture out of the regular show format in light of recent events in Beirut, Lebanon. Please donate what you can to help the Lebanese people. Make sure to designate your donation to “food vouchers.”


Special Edition of the Justin Brady Show

The city of Beirut was rocked by an extremely large explosion that made global news. Many locals caught the entire thing on video. I called my friend John Sagherian, of Youth For Christ, who lives 4 miles from the explosion site in Beirut, Lebanon.

As of Tuesday, according to The Wall Street Journal, 50 people lost their lives in the explosion and thousands are injured. John explains that their own YFC Building had its windows destroyed and his sister who lives closer to the area had her door destroyed and the aluminum frame bent due to the pressure caused by the explosion.

The country has seen an increasingly difficult time with food shortages, blackouts, Government instability and Covid-19, which had overwhelmed the hospital system to begin with. This explosion adds to the trouble, especially with hospitals being damaged.


How You Can Help

Please pray for John, the YFC team, the country of Lebanon, and the city of Beruit. If you have the funds, please donate what you can to help. Make sure to designate your donation to “food vouchers.” Here’s the official Lebanon page for Youth For Christ.

I can personally vouch for this organization and have verified the donation pages as accurate.


Video of the explosion from Beruit, Lebanon


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