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Jeremy Dale is the co-founder of OTRO, former VP of Worldwide retail for Microsoft, and led Motorola’s Product (RED) Campaign in collaboration with Oprah and Bono. He was named the “punk rocker” of business from U2 frontman Bono, after his strategy for launching a Motorola store on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue in only 12 days. TWELVE DAYS!




Punk rock of business
The Punk Rock of Business, by Jeremy Dale

The Punk Rock of Business?

In an interview with Dale about his book, The Punk Rock of Business, he explains how to take risks that aren’t reckless, why companies are killing great ideas with endless bureaucracy, and why having a cause will define your business success. (And how to do it right)

Legendary brands should always have a cause and Dale explains what the relationship to product and profit looks like. When the brand, product, and cause are aligned, that’s when movements start.

Dale also expands on how long it takes to get projects done in corporate America, and why much of the delay may be linked to the fear of getting things wrong or missing a critical component. Most leaders are unaware of how forgiving the failure can be. In fact, embracing micro failures and quickly correcting is the only true way to avoid macro failures.


Jeremy Dale Ethos

Jeremy Dale’s whole ethos is to be more like a punk rock star in business than a stuffy business person. He tells me the behavior that allows leaders to stand out: be authentic, be real and make no apologies for who you are. This applies to your business as well. With the overwhelming majority of business-sameness out there today, the real authentic non-apologetic brands are the ones that get all the attention and stand out.

In my personal opinion, there is no 80/20 rule anymore, it’s more like a 90/5/5 rule. 90% of companies suck and 5% are ok, and 5% truly pursue greatness. If your company is blending in to stay safe, clients may assume you suck like the rest of them. Jeremy Dale says to go punk-shock some people and stand out.


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