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In an era of rising tensions and concern about violence, one company has made it their mission to make the bullet obsolete, Axon. The company behind the popular body cameras and Taser has an incredible mission. Their CFO, Jawad Ahsan joins me to discuss the future of de-escalation, preserving life, and building teams.



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Axon’s Mission

As we all watch the news in horror, Ahsan gives me a lot of hope for the future. The Taser was developed when the company founder, Rick Smith became upset when his friends were killed in a road rage incident. He set out to create a future where guns didn’t exist.

Partnering with a NASA scientist, Taser, now rebranded as Axon, has developed many interactions of the familiar yellow Taser we see carried by officers today. For Axon to make bullets obsolete, they are focusing on making Tasers more effective and more reliable than firearms.


How Tasers Work

Tasers function by incapacitating a threat via Neuromuscular incapacitation (NMI.) In simple terms, this shuts down your limb’s ability to function, while your body’s critical functions operate normally. Their new Taser7 product has a quick reload option for peace officers.

Their consumer version, the Pulse, will continue to cycle for 30 seconds, giving a victim an opportunity to run away and get help. The Pulse+ will even alert the authorities of your exact location.


More About Jawad Ahsan

Jawad joined Axon in 2017 and leads the company’s global finance, corporate strategy, legal, and IT organizations. He also serves as the executive sponsor and owner of Axon’s consumer-facing business, responsible for the Pulse, and Strikelight products. Ahsan has built a world-class team on his mission at Axon, and his book details the lessons he has learned along the way.



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