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George Foreman III is the founder of EverybodyFights, a real-life fight club. He is also the son of Heavyweight champion George Foreman II, acting as his advisor and marketing director. Before he founded EverybodyFights he was an “accidental” professional boxer. In this interview, he discusses why he didn’t want to be a boxer like his dad.


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George Foreman Leads Class at EverybodyFights
George Foreman Leads Class at EverybodyFights

Who Is George Foreman III? Business Man or Boxer?

Like his dad, George Foreman III competed in professional boxing, but unlike his dad, he did it simply to get into shape and keep his brothers off his back.

Foreman explains because his brothers would often give him a hard time, and because he had become overweight, he decided to get fit by boxing. But his fast rise in the boxing world was surprising, even for him.

Even though he was an amateur boxer, he wasn’t able to compete in the amateur circuit because of a major problem: his name. No one wanted to fight him due to his dad’s reputation. Despite his lack of experience, Foreman couldn’t find any other amateur boxers that wanted to jump in the ring with him. This meant if he wanted to compete, he had to go into the professional circuit. 

He started his professional boxing career in 2009 as an underdog fighting higher than his own skill level. Despite his lack of experience, he went undefeated, finishing with a perfect 16-0 record. His fitness experience with boxing led him to develop a system and solution for everyday folks that wanted to get in shape, like him. This was the birth of EverybodyFights.


What Is EverybodyFights?

EverybodyFights Ring
EverybodyFights Ring

In 2013, Foreman founded Everybody Fights, a luxury boxing fitness gym. Leveraging his prior business expertise working with his father, his Boston location quickly expanded to NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Lexington. His fitness model has five different components based on a real fighter’s training camp:

  • BAGS (heavy-bag classes)
  • TRAIN (circuit classes)
  • ROAD (treadmill classes
  • FIGHT (technique classes)
  • FLOW (recovery classes)


George Foreman III Background

George Foreman III
George Foreman III Training with an EverybodyFights member.

Today, George Foreman III is an entrepreneur, boxing trainer, and coach. He is the son of a legendary businessman and former two-time heavyweight champion George Foreman Sr. where he managed his dad’s business for seven years.

Foreman spends a lot of time at the George Foreman Youth & Community Center, where he learned how important it is to contribute to a community. He also honed his ability to effectively use boxing as a platform to effect change within the community.

Foreman has a degree in kinesiology from Rice University, and The Mindful Fighter, by George Foreman III is available here.


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