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What if healthcare workers could help people based on who needed healthcare and not geography? Would that address the projected 2.5 million health worker shortage? Dr. Jon Lensing, CEO of OpenLoop Technologies is addressing that very problem.



Dr. Jon Lensing, CEO of OpenLoop Technologies

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OpenLoop technologies is addressing the biggest problem plaguing healthcare today. Overwhelming staff shortages. Training up new physicians and healthcare workers is a great start, but OpenLoop is fixing the problem right now by making the entire medical workforce fluid, able to work anywhere at any time.

Think of OpenLoop Technologies as UpWork for physicians. With telehealth finally gaining steam, they are providing a platform to pair physicians with health systems and telemedicine companies anywhere in the USA. They also handle the paperwork.

Onboarding and paperwork for new physicians is typically a process that can take months, but OpenLoop has compressed that entire timeline, as quickly as 48 hours, meaning physicians can be onboarded and helping patients within days. Even patients in rural areas.

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