Dan Ariely discusses his work on our irrational behavior, his new TED book called Payoff, and discusses just how important trust is to spur superstar creativity.

We also even dive into how crushing regulations on physicians is killing their life-saving potential, turning them into cogs with no critical thinking potential. Dan also discusses how legal contracts actually hurt your creativity and productivity.



Payoff By Dan Ariely
Buy Payoff By Dan Ariely

Favorite Dan Ariely Quote

“Many employees would actually surprise us by how much they step up to the plate and work harder and more thoughtfully in a more creative way if you trust people rather than try to micro-manage them.”


Topics of Interview

  • Dan discusses the crushing regulations on physicians and how they are killing their life-saving potential by turning them into cogs with no critical thinking potential.
  • Dan expands on how legal contracts might actually hurt your relationships, creativity and productivity.
  • Also, why are we so irrational? How does it kill our goodwill and how can we fix it?


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