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December 11th, 2018

Colleen Crivello is a fashion executive, formerly VP of Girls At Ralph Lauren. She is also the founder of MiniMode and CHALK, sold at Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue. CHALK spurred her rise in popularity in the fashion industry. Presently, she works with fashion’s biggest brands on rich story-telling content strategies.




Content Strategy Requires Insane Volume

Content strategy volume for fashion is completely different than it was years ago. Historically, fashion brands only produced content, photos, videos, etc. on a quarterly or occasional basis, because that was the speed of media. One magazine per month would be accompanied by a brand’s new ad. TV was similar. But digital platforms changed the speed and frequency.

With new digital platforms, digital magazines, video, and online media websites, brands are expected to publish new content daily. For fashion brands, daily might not even be enough with many publishing two times per day at a minimum. Consumers want a daily flow of content and information to stay interested. And almost tragically, minutes after that content is published, it’s also expired.


Colleen Crivello
Colleen Crivello

Colleen Crivello’s Journey To Ralph Lauren

Crivello’s CHALK brand made some waves and got attention from the likes of Ralphy Lauren. It was Crivello’s dream to work at a fashion brand like Ralph Lauren and one day, they came calling. Eventually, she accepted the position of becoming VP of Ralph Lauren’s girl’s division. “It’s an impressive machine, it really is,” Crivello said, “I have a lot of admiration for what he’s [Ralph] built.”


Content Strategy Is About Telling A Story

Today Crivello is helping brands tell stories, through the lens of the brand. It often becomes blog content, video, social media, and photography. She routinely reaches out to various people, doing creative things that she believes her brand can help or add. It’s not necessarily about free product or gifting, it’s about telling a story together and finding mutual benefit with these individuals.


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