That asshole boss at work? Just let it go. Seriously. Every single asshole boss I’ve worked under is in rough shape today. The reason is simple. if they treat you like crap, they are treating many others like crap. Because most people stick within the same industries, it’s only a matter of time, usually 10 years or so, before they burn too many bridges and get stuck.


Where My Asshole Bosses Ended Up

Without exception, all of my asshole bosses have taken enormous demotions or went completely broke. The same is/will be true of your asshole boss.

So, don’t worry about a thing. Don’t get revenge. Don’t disparage them. Don’t think about that trash boss or let them ruin your day—you are too good to even waste a brain cell on then. Very soon they will destroy themselves.

Special thanks to Jeff whose negligence destroyed a property at which he was GM, Rob who constantly hit on front desk agents while drunk, and Rick who tried to steal my cellphone number after firing me, then lost his company.



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