Ari Rastegar turned $3000 into 4.9 million square feet across 34 US cities, so who better to ask about the future of brick and mortar, and the modern workplace post-Covid? Rastegar explains in vivid detail how brick and mortar retail is about to explode, how retailers can position themselves to win, and how the office space will evolve in amazing ways.

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Ari Rastegar, CEO of Rastegar Property

Ari Rastegar is a self-made real estate behemoth and CEO of Rastergar Property. He took a $3k loan and built it into a real estate empire. Today his company has hundreds of millions in residential, commercial, and industrial assets with more than 4.9 million square feet currently in development across 34 U.S. cities!

Recently, he launched a new $200 million investment trust in January, targeting vintage multi-family homes and soon he’s launching a book about one of my favorite topics, failure!


The Office Evolution

Historically, law firms held the majority of commercial property in the US due to their massive libraries of case law. When computers were invented, many predicted office space would never be the same. Everyone was wrong. It turns out people are wrong about the future of office space quite a bit.

Rastegar explains we are at a similar crossroads now. People think Covid permanently disrupted the office space, but Rastegar believes, like before, everyone is wrong.


Brick and Mortar Revolution

Rastegar also explains why experiences and experience are the driving forces behind brick-and-mortar’s pending comeback. He points to breweries and athletics as two examples of experience-driven retail. The small businesses like Ashley Wilkerson of Selfie WRLD, who are willing to offer interactive experiences, and their own professional experience will win the day.


More About Ari Rastegar

  • Ari Rastegar’s new book, The Gift of Failure, comes out in June. Check back here for a link.
  • Here’s the TED Talk Rastegar mentioned: The Power of Vulnerability¬†
  • Click here to read his bio



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