2-4-21 UPDATE: Alexandra Carter’s book Ask For More is now a Wall Street Journal bestseller! Congrats Alex!


Many of us assume if we just do our job and make clients happy, people will compensate us, or give us a raise. That’s not true and Alexandra Carter author of Ask For More explains how to ask a few simple questions to get more. Carter is a Columbia Law Professor and Negotiation Trainer for the United Nations. She has concrete skills that helped me negotiate better, ask for more, and score win/win deals.

Alexandra Carter Interview

Alexandra Carter has spent years perfecting the art of negotiation. Before meeting her and before reading her book Ask For More I confess I believe it wasn’t possible to influence a negotiation in a way that is meaningful. She has completely changed my view on this.

Many of us falsely believe that we will get a raise or get a better deal by simply doing the work and impressing others. But if you want more, you have to ask for more explains Carter.


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