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Remote work superstar Vicki Brackett talk specifics on remote work problems like how to compensate for body language, how to keep people focused, and how to synthesize emotional intelligence.

Plus, Justin goes into a LOT more!



Content paywalls need to end. Let’s apply the iTunes model! ▶️


The Leadership Tool Box by Vicki Brackett

Vicki Brackett on the problems and solutions to remote work ▶️


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Report shows 52% of young adults live with parents, but most missed 1 key detail. ▶️


WHY are bands in films so awkward? ▶️

Seriously, think about it. If there is a live band in any movie, they’re terrible! They don’t even play the right notes!


Foldable phones are lame. Here’s why. ▶️


There never was and never will be a new normal. ▶️





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